Kid Dynamo Robot


The word robot derives from the Czech word robota, which means slave or servant. While a robot can be considered a simple automated system or mechanism, sufficiently complex, in science fiction often what characterize a robot is a combination of artificial intelligence with an artificial body also capable of interacting with their environment.

In comics, toy or on the big screen, the most striking of the robots has always been his physical appearance. The topic is usually the anthropomorphic robot (or android). Other robots like Robbie from Forbidden Planet have only vaguely humanoid forms, while the R2D2 from Star Wars, rather reminds one appliance.

There are so many examples of robots in science fiction, it would be impossible to list even more significant. Robots good, evil robots, supercomputers that control the world … at the end we decided on the Thunder Robot Asakusa, a Japanese tin toys from the 50s

Robot Embroided On Iron Patch

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