Kid Dynamo Butane


Butane is a flammable gaseous hydrocarbon consisting of four carbon atoms and ten hydrogen. The main application of butane gas is the fuel for household cooking and hot water.

Butane gas, easily being licuable is easily maintained in a pressure vessel as a gas cylinder. In Spain, the butane gas is transported in a typical canister of butane, a cylindrical container wall of steel, usually orange (the popular butane color), and containing 12.5 kilograms of butane. The total weight is about 25 kg. There are also new butane lighter bottles, made from other materials such as stainless steel.

Butane bottles are scattered through the streets in trucks, and transported to the houses by waiters called butaneros, who also collect the previous empty carafe used. When consumption is low, it is cheaper because you have to pay no monthly fee.

Butane Embroided On Iron Patch

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