Kid Dynamo, embroided patches for clothing

Since 2006 nandroid spent his holidays visiting the streets of Europe where he could find some street art: graffiti, sticks, stencil.

He made some stick designs with motifs such as cassettes, floppy disks and vinyl records in bold and plain colors and showed his work at Barcelona, London and Berlin. Also performed over some advertising.

He had the idea of transferring those designs to a collection of on-iron patches, with the aim of customize clothes and cover up their marks and logos. With the help of his friend and publicist Xavi Galbis from Snoop completed an initial collection of 12 designs with a strong nostalgia for the 80s.

Since then we have distributed our patches for some cities and now we have opened our online store.

Kid Dynamo,
always Kid Dynamo.

Kid Dynamo Cassette Stick


Our goal is to extend the number of designs so that everyone can find a unique icon that identifies himself. We are not interested in longer runs or reduce quality.
We want to enjoy ourselves and share our ideas with people.
And cover many holes and ugly logos.

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Technic studio is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. With experience in implementing projects for clients such as and definitely these kids know what they do.

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