How to place Kid Dynamo patches

Kid Dynamo patches are thermo-adhesive.
At its rear face they have an adhesive material that melts with the temperature of a domestic iron, fusing with the garment.

If possible, turn the garment inside out and apply the iron directly on the garment about 40 seconds. This ensures maximum grip when applying the heat directly on the garment and the adhesive material.

  • Patches are washable.
  • The colors remain strong and intense.
  • If off, you can re-board.

How to place Kid Dynamo embroided patches in your clothes

Iron at high temperature protecting the embroidery with a cloth.
Hold the iron firmly for 40 seconds.

Check the label of the garment

Do not use this system with synthetic materials or clothing that can not be ironed. In that case you can sew with a needle and white thread.