Kid Dynamo Cassette


Compact Cassette was a audio recording format of magnetic tape widely used. It was introduced in Europe in 1963 by Philips, who also released the first cassette tape recorders. The prerecorded music cassettes or Musicassettes were launched in 1965. In the late 70s, TDK and Maxell shared the market for blank tapes. In 80’s cassette''s popularity grew thanks to the hi-fi players, Sony Walkman and car-audio.

On the tape, two pairs of stereo tracks, one for each side. They were 60, 90 and even 120 minutes. The quality was reflected in the price, the cheapest tapes Type I and Type IV the most expensive. Had some protective flaps that prevented from accidental recording.

Cassettes also served as catalysts for social change. Its durability and ease of copying helped distribute and promote underground music, rock and punk. Meanwhile, creating an enormous market for pirated tapes.

Cassette Embroided On Iron Patch


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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 6,4 × 4,2 cm