Kid Dynamo Casiotone


Casiotone is a serie of electronic keyboards developed by Casio in the 1980s. It was the first keys using a synthetic technique known as Vocal – consonant, to imitate the sounds of the instruments.

The Casio PT-1 was a toy, could not see another way, a small electric keyboard, two scales and a half in which you could not play chords. Also had a rhythm generator, with several patterns and accompaniments, and a small baffle incorporated. Casio PT family increased, and appeared Casiotone PT-10 and PT-20, mine, all with some innovation, particularly in the selection of instruments and rhythms.

Thanks to their low cost, abundance and the improvement of technology, many amateur bands used it. Lo-fi bands corresponding to Casiocore style claim now for the sound simple and without manipulation of the keyboard. Simply press “Samba” and that’s it.

Casiotone Embroided On Iron Patch


Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 8,1 × 3 cm